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Multiblitz Marila-Plus RingFlash launched

Multiblitz have announced a new powerful light head for the Magnolux Studio Generator series. The new Marila-Plus is a 3600Ws ringflash designed for the fashion studio photographer. It can also be used by commercial photographers for shadowless close-up photography of small objects especially for Marila-Plus-and industrial macro applications. It can be used as a bare […]

Enlight Photo taking pre-orders for Orbis Ring Flash

Enlight Photo, started registering peoples interest in a new ringflash concept months ago. Now they have announced more details with an option to pre-order the Orbis Ringflash which is planned to start shipping in December. The Orbis Ring Flash attaches to your existing flashgun to create that characteristic ring flash look normally only possible with […]

Ring Flash Adapter sell off

Mark Cleghorn Photography has secured a deal on the last of the original Ring Flash Adapter for the Canon 580EX so they have arranged a sale price of £116.33 (£99 plus vat). This offer is on a first come first served basis and a saving of almost £50.

Metz 15 MS-1 macro ring flash

Press release: The Metz 15 MS-1 digital, is a completely redesigned and wireless macro flash that’s equipped with two individually-controllable, swivelling reflectors built in to  the housing. The macro-flash ensures balanced and precise lighting and also allows customisable light when shooting macro. With its individually variable reflectors (0°-20°) and the highly sensitive light distribution, there […]

Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash for Sony & Pentax SLR Cameras

Press Release: Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new EM-140 DG Macro Flash for Sony and Pentax SLR cameras. The EM-140 DG Macro Flash is designed to work with both AF 35mm film and digital SLR cameras.  It is ideal for photographing subjects in fine detail when the shadowless mode is used and is […]

Pentax AF160FC auto macro flash

Pentax have developed a new Pentax AF160FC dedicated auto macro flash. This ring flash unit ties in with the automatic exposure control system of Pentax digital SLR cameras making it easier to shoot advanced close-up photography. The AF160FC’s main features include: uniform lighting to minimise unwanted shadows, making it useful for close-up subjects. It has […]

Marumi LED8 Macro Ring Light

Press Release: Kenro has announced the UK release of the LED8 Macro Ring Light from Marumi. This new addition to the extensive Marumi range has been specifically designed for macro photography. Built-in flashes are unsuitable for close-up photography as they can cast shadows and fail to properly illuminate the subject. The LED macro light uses […]

Ringflash Adaptor Range Expands

Since Flaghead Photographic launched the Ringflash Adapter in February 2007 this unique product has become a runaway success. Demand has outstripped all expectations! The Ringflash Adapter is a unique lighting accessory which creates the same lighting effect normally only available from ringflash units made by studio flash equipment manufacturers, which are expensive, heavy and tethered, […]

Marumi DR14 Ring Flash for Canon and Nikon

Press Release: Kenro have announced the UK release of a new Marumi Ring Flash, the DRF14. The Marumi Ring Flash is the perfect choice for the photographer who requires shadow free illumination. It is designed for close up, macro, medical, scientific and forensic photography as the flash light source is positioned directly between the camera […]

Flaghead Photographic update Ringflash

Press Release: Several hundred adapters for the Canon 580EX sold in just one week and not just to owners of the Canon 580EX, but also to many photographers who where able to ingeniously adapt the devise to flash units of various other makes. The attractive price and excellent performance combined with a lightweight construction make […]