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Enlight Photo taking pre-orders for Orbis Ring Flash

orbis ring flash

orbis ring flash

Enlight Photo, started registering peoples interest in a new ringflash concept months ago. Now they have announced more details with an option to pre-order the Orbis Ringflash which is planned to start shipping in December.

The Orbis Ring Flash attaches to your existing flashgun to create that characteristic ring flash look normally only possible with studio systems.

As Enlight Photo say

“The orbis™enables you to take photographs with shadowless quality ring flash light – without the high costs associated with buying or renting a bulky studio ring flash. All you need is a standard flash/strobe unit and an off-camera cord (or other remote triggering method). the orbis™ is handheld so neither impedes your camera system’s functionality nor relies on the fragile hotshoe connection. The orbis™ arm™, a simple kit enabling you to fix your orbis™ to your camera, is under development and will be available soon.”

The orbis™ has been tested and works with the Canon 300TL, 430EX, 540EZ, 580EX I and II, Nikon SB28, SB600, SB800, SB900, Cosmos 360, Vivitar 283, Olympus FL36R, FL50, Sunpak PF30X, Sony F56 and Minolta 5200. If your flash/strobe is similar in size and shape to these, it will almost definitely be compatible with the orbis™
The Orbis Ring Flash will cost $169 and is available here: Orbis Ring Flash

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