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Archive for 'Reviews'

RoundFlash review

David Hobby of Strobist web site has reviewed a new ringflash adaptor from Poland called the RoundFlash. It’s a collapsible doughnut style adaptor that fits over Speedlites to convert to a ringflash light. In summary David places the RoundFlash joint top with the Orbis as best ringflash adaptor. See the full review here: RoundFlash Ring […]

Ray Flash Adapter Review

There’s a review of the Ray Flash on ePHOTOzine here: Ray Flash Adapter Review In the review Peter Bargh says it’s "solidly built and much better than the lower priced Chinese copies that have emerged" and goes on to summaries by saying "The Ray flash Adaptor offers a low cost alternative to a studio unit […]

Sunpak GX8R ring flash review

The Sunpak GX8R is a compact ring flash head with a separate battery pack. This design makes the actual flash part much lighter in weight so there’s no strain on the lens. It’s an important thing to consider on modern autofocus cameras lenses where the construction may be a bit flimsy to be supporting a […]

Marumi DRF14 Ringflash

Photo Answers magazine has given the Marumi DRF14 Ringflash a 5 star rating when it reviewed it on line here: Marumi DRF14 Ringflash    

Bowens Ringflash Pro

There’s a review of the Bowens Ringflash Pro on ePHOTOzine where it receives an overall rating of 8 out of 10. See the review and verdict here: Bowens Ringflash Pro

Centon MR20 Ringflash review

The Centon MR20 Ringflash was a brand sold by Jessops in the 90s that was the same as the Vivitar 5000 and  various other brand names from the likes of Cobra and Starblitz . It’s a fairly low power, basic unit but the price makes it an affordable entry into the world of ring flash […]

Alienbees ABR-800 Ringflash review

The Alienbees ABR800 Ring Flash is a larger pro spec ringflash that’s more useful for portrait photography than the standard macro flash type that are produced by the camera manufacturers and independent flash companies. We’ve just spotted a review of the Alienbees ABR800 Ring Flash here on All Digital Nikon It’s a short review but […]

Doi Auto Circle Flash review

Doi were Japanese manufacturers of photography accessories who were around in the 70s and early 80s. The Auto Circle Flash was one of their range and quite a decent bit of kit, like other items in their portfolio. Weighing just 120g, the ring flash head is lighter than the Centon / Vivitar 5000 style model […]

SR Electronics RF-50 Ringflash test

I stumbled upon a review of a ringflash that looks remarkably like a Cobra, Vivitar, Starblitz ringflash. With the guise of digital Digi-Slave. It’s by Tom Beardmore and appears on Digital Camera Resource. Tom’s sums it up as Anyone who has a need (or a preference) to photograph close-up subjects should give serious consideration to […]

Alien Bees ABR800 Ringflash review

There’s a review of the Alien Bees ABR800 Ringflash on Studio Bill concludes in his verdict that The ABR800 really meets it’s objective of being an affordable, lightweight alternative to the higher end products on the market. In my opinion, the unit sacrifices nothing in the areas of output or quality While Ed goes […]