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Welcome to this new resource for photographers who use or intend to use ring flash or macro flash. Enjoy what you find and contribute by suggesting videos, writing articles, sharing your photos. The ringflash is one of the most creative lighting products...lets see how creative you are using it!


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Ringlight lighting technique

Here’s a really quick lighting technique using an LED type ring light. You could do it with any ringflash that has a modelling light, but it may work best with an LED one as the light is even all the way around.  1 Place the light on a table switched on. 2 Put an object […]

DIY ringflash adaptor

Here’s another ringflash adaptor project with diagrams.  This one looks really effective. Strobist: Super-Cheap, DIY Ring Flash    

Ringflash with bellows

Small ring flash units are ideal for macro, especially when using bellows as it’s the most effective way to get light onto tiny subjects. Another way is to mount flashguns on brackets at either side but this makes the rig more cumbersome and sometimes not flexible enough when shooting subjects in tight spaces. The smaller […]

Another DIY Ring Light

If you fancy a huge ring light and would like a handy DIY project check out J Yoseph’s detailed step by step illustrated guide to building this ring light. It’s really well explained and has some clear illustrations of each stage. It’s a US site so costs are in dollars and the total outlay is […]

DIY Studio Ring Light

There are many photographers who’ve wanted to modify the light from a flash or bulb. One of the latest I came across was the photographer known for making interesting 5×4 wooden large-format cameras. The Rayment field and technical cameras, made by Rayment Kirby, combine this photographer’s photographic, technical and engineering skills. He’s now applied these […]

What flash does the RayFlash Ringflash Adaptor work with?

The RayFlash Ringflash Adapter is available in several versions, made specifically for flash units from Nikon & Canon but it can be modified to be used with a much wider variety of guns and cameras. Feedback from customers of the UK importer Flaghead helped them compile a flash compatibility chart which we are sharing below. […]

Ringflash – the pros and cons

Pros of Ring Flash Shadowless image The flash is so close to the lens that the light is very even and relatively shadowless. Pleasant and even lighting for small subjects The even light is good for small subjects and essential for close ups as normal flash would be obscured by the lens. Hard edged outline […]

The invention of ring flash

Dental photography experts, Lester Dine invented the Ring Flash in 1952 as a tool to pinpoint light directly into a dental patient’s mouth and provide full illumination. Their invention revolutionised dentist/patient communication as the ringflash photograph made it easy for the patient to see what treatment needed doing,unlike the view of an x-ray. The invention […]

I made a ringflash (well not flash)

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages attempt at making a ringflash (tube), but never got around to it. With a desire to get a much larger ring flash catchlight and shadow effect than those created using commercial mini units I decided to look at the household lighting options in my local DIY store […]

What types of ringflash are there?

The conventional portable ringflash is a single tube flash with an even output. The flash usually has one or two auto settings and a guide number of around 12 (ISO100/m). The portable ringflash attaches to the camera lens’ filter thread. The batteries are housed in the flash at the base of the unit. The next […]