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Ringflash Adaptor Range Expands

Since Flaghead Photographic launched the Ringflash Adapter in February 2007 this unique product has become a runaway success. Demand has outstripped all expectations!

The Ringflash Adapter is a unique lighting accessory which creates the same lighting effect normally only available from ringflash units made by studio flash equipment manufacturers, which are expensive, heavy and tethered, i.e. have a cable from the ringflash to power pack.

The Ringflash Adapter creates a very special lighting effect: it produces a virtually shadow-less look on the front of your subject, while a soft even shadow appears around the edges. The use and application of this type of light is wide ranging, from fashion and beauty photography to portrait, wedding, reportage and, of course, close-up and macro photography. The Ringflash Adapter can be used not just as the main or only light source, but is often a very useful tool as a fill-in light, specially when the photographer is on the move!

Five models are available to fit the Nikon SB800 and Canon 580EX MKII:

Code Description Ex VAT Inc VAT
RAC160-2 CANON 580EX MKII & 450D, 400D, 350D, 1000D £159 £186.82
RAC170-2 CANON 580EX MKII & 5D, 30D, 40D, 20D, 10D £159 £186.82
RAC175-2 CANON 580EX MKII & 1D/1Ds/1V etc £159 £186.82
RAN160 NIKON SB800 & D700, 300, 200, 70, 80, 60, 50, 40, 40X, D1 £159 £186.82
RAN170 NIKON SB800 & D1/D2/D3 etc. £159 £186.82

In addition to the Nikon SB800 & Canon 580EX MKII there are many other flash units that fit or can be easily adapted for use, for instance the Nikon SB600 & Canon 580EX MKI, as well as some Metz, Sigma & Minolta units. The original Ringflash Adapter SIRC for the Canon 580EX MKI is also still available! Visit the Flaghead Photographic website for information.

Due to it’s large inner diameter (103mm), the Ringflash Adapter will work with almost all lenses from Canon & Nikon and the extra weight (max 495gr) is comfortably held by the on-camera flash unit, making it a totally portable and allowing the photographer to be mobile in any situation!

Exposure control is easy: all TTL functions, except the IR assist beam function, and manual mode work as usual.

Light output is excellent! Circular acrylic light channels distribute the light from the flash unit very evenly around the unit and loose surprisingly little in intensity, as seen in the following exposure guide:

ISO Flash Power Distance f/stop Canon 580EX II f/stop Nikon SB800
100 1/1 0.6m 22.6 16.5
100 1/1 1.8m 8.0 7.5

The Ringflash Adapter is a very affordable way to achieve typical studio ringflash lighting quality normally only available to studio flash equipment users and it is highly portable for mobile use!

For more product information, images taken with the Ringflash Adapter and a list of dealers visit

The Ringflash Adapter is made in the Czech Republic by RayFlash and distributed world-wide by:

Flaghead Photographic Ltd
Tel: 01202 733 123 [email protected]

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