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Welcome to this new resource for photographers who use or intend to use ring flash or macro flash. Enjoy what you find and contribute by suggesting videos, writing articles, sharing your photos. The ringflash is one of the most creative lighting products...lets see how creative you are using it!


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Marumi DRF14 N Ring Flash – Nikon Fit

The Marumi Ring Flash is a compact flash with hot shoe mounted power pack. It’s ideal for photographers who require shadow free illumination and is designed for close-up, macro, medical, scientific and forensic photography. The flash is practical to use and ideal for both the professional and serious hobbyist user. This model is dedicated for […]

The Pocket Ringlight – DIY ringflash

We just stumbled on this – a link to another DIY ringflash project from Tommy Huynh on his web site – the Ferel Photographer. This one looks quite good and could be made on a budget to fit any flash gun you care to use. Good work Tommy. See the whole article here: The Pocket […]

Another DIY Ring Light

If you fancy a huge ring light and would like a handy DIY project check out J Yoseph’s detailed step by step illustrated guide to building this ring light. It’s really well explained and has some clear illustrations of each stage. It’s a US site so costs are in dollars and the total outlay is […]

DIY Studio Ring Light

There are many photographers who’ve wanted to modify the light from a flash or bulb. One of the latest I came across was the photographer known for making interesting 5×4 wooden large-format cameras. The Rayment field and technical cameras, made by Rayment Kirby, combine this photographer’s photographic, technical and engineering skills. He’s now applied these […]

Sony HVL-MT24AM E17 Macro Twin Flash

Sony users have a really cool macro flash kit available that was originally designed by Minolta. Minolta were ahead of the game and introduced the Minolta Macro Twin Flash 2400 in February 2001, six months before Canon followed with a similar tool. The flash has a MFC-1000 Controller that slips on to the camera’s special […]

Calumet Ring Flash

The Ringflash is back and it’s better than ever. A classic lighting accessory for the fashion photographer, the Ringflash gives a unique, full-frontal lighting effect. And right now, the Ringflash is one of the most sought-after accessories by fashion photographers around the world. The light comes from two semicircular flash tubes, each handling up to […]

Ray Flash: The Ring Flash Adapter for 580EX II

The Ray Flash is a unique adapter for your Canon 580EX II flash unit designed to replicate the lighting effect produced by traditional, expensive, and heavy powered studio ring flash units. The Ray Flash is portable and lightweight, and has been designed to take advantage of a camera’s TTL metering capabilities. Because the Ray Flash […]

Vivitar MacroFlash 5000

The Vivitar Macroflash 5000 was a popular option in the 80s and the specific unit was badged by Vivitar and was also available in various brand names from the likes of Cobra, Starblitz and Centon. It’s a fairly low power basic unit but the price makes it an affordable entry into the world of ring […]

Who makes ringflash – brand names

There are many brand names past and present that make or have made ring flash. Here’s a selection off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many more ringflash manufacturers that I’ve forgotten to include. Let me know. Alfa Alien Bee Bowens Briese Broncolor Canon Centon Cokin Digi-Slave Elicar Elinchrom Hasselblad Hensel Lencarta […]