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Welcome to this new resource for photographers who use or intend to use ring flash or macro flash. Enjoy what you find and contribute by suggesting videos, writing articles, sharing your photos. The ringflash is one of the most creative lighting products...lets see how creative you are using it!


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Tag: ring light

Instruction manual for Sunpak Ring Light Model 7R

This is a scanned version of the original 24 page Sunpak Ring Light 7R flashgun manual. Its available as a free download – right click on the link below and save to your computer.  Sunpak Ring Light Model 7R instruction manual 

Rosco LitePad Loop ring light

LitePad Loop is a ring light that Rosco have added to their LitePad line of LED lighting. The LitePad Loop is positioned around the lens of a camera for on-axis lighting. It’s just over nine inches in diameter with a four and half inch centre hole. The light inside the ring is Rosco LitePad (known […]

Ringlight lighting technique

Here’s a really quick lighting technique using an LED type ring light. You could do it with any ringflash that has a modelling light, but it may work best with an LED one as the light is even all the way around.  1 Place the light on a table switched on. 2 Put an object […]

DIY Studio Ring Light

There are many photographers who’ve wanted to modify the light from a flash or bulb. One of the latest I came across was the photographer known for making interesting 5×4 wooden large-format cameras. The Rayment field and technical cameras, made by Rayment Kirby, combine this photographer’s photographic, technical and engineering skills. He’s now applied these […]