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Calumet Ring Flash


Calumet Ring Flash

The Ringflash is back and it’s better than ever. A classic lighting accessory for the fashion photographer, the Ringflash gives a unique, full-frontal lighting effect. And right now, the Ringflash is one of the most sought-after accessories by fashion photographers around the world. The light comes from two semicircular flash tubes, each handling up to 1500w/s of flash power.

The camera is mounted to shoot through the center aperture and the results are amazing. To ensure the shortest possible flash duration, each of the flash tubes has been specifically designed with three rather than two electrodes. Additionally, a separate cable for each flash tube guarantees that the flash duration will be fast enough to freeze most action.

The Calumet Ringflash can be used with any Elite generator to deliver up to a maximum of 3000w/s of light. The integral mounting bracket is completely adjustable, allowing the Ringflash to be used with virtually every medium format and 35mm camera.

For refined lighting effects, two quite different reflectors are available. The high-intensity reflector increases the overall size of the light source while intensifying the light output. For softer lighting, an opal diffuser can be used to soften shadows and make the Ringflash perfect for most direct lighting applications.

The Ringflash includes flash tubes, connecting cables, mounting bracket and integral transit cover.

  • Size: 9″ Diameter, 3.25″ deep
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds Item
  • Device Type: Flash head
  • Max Flash Energy (Joules; Ws): 3000 Ws

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