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Welcome to this new resource for photographers who use or intend to use ring flash or macro flash. Enjoy what you find and contribute by suggesting videos, writing articles, sharing your photos. The ringflash is one of the most creative lighting products...lets see how creative you are using it!


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Tag: olympus

Olympus SRF-11 Ring Flash Set

The Olympus SRF-11 Ring Flash Set comprises the RF-11 ring flash and FC-1 macro flash controller. It also includes a case that accommodates both flash and controller units. This ring flash offers shadowless, homogeneous illumination for macro photography, such as capturing jewellery, documentation in dentistry and other recording work. The ring flash head may be […]

SR Electronics RF-50 Ringflash test

I stumbled upon a review of a ringflash that looks remarkably like a Cobra, Vivitar, Starblitz ringflash. With the guise of digital Digi-Slave. It’s by Tom Beardmore and appears on Digital Camera Resource. Tom’s sums it up as Anyone who has a need (or a preference) to photograph close-up subjects should give serious consideration to […]