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Welcome to this new resource for photographers who use or intend to use ring flash or macro flash. Enjoy what you find and contribute by suggesting videos, writing articles, sharing your photos. The ringflash is one of the most creative lighting products...lets see how creative you are using it!


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What types of ringflash are there?

The conventional portable ringflash is a single tube flash with an even output. The flash usually has one or two auto settings and a guide number of around 12 (ISO100/m). The portable ringflash attaches to the camera lens’ filter thread. The batteries are housed in the flash at the base of the unit.

The next step up is a version with a separate battery pack. The pack slide on the camera shoe to provide a level of automation/dedication that’s not possible with the lens mounted version. The flash tube is, as a result, much lighter, so there’s no strain on modern lightweight lenses mechanisms.

Having some control of the evenness of exposure brings us to the next category which has two or more tubes to allow different light ratios. With this type, usually referred to as macro flash, the illumination can be adjusted so that the modelling of the subject becomes more three dimensional. More advanced versions have four tubes, some with angle capability. These are not true ringflash, but deliver similar results if required.

You may already have a powerful and high quality flash you could put to good use. There’s now an option to attach an adaptor to the flash head to distribute the light into a ring shaped add on. This gives similar effects.

Studio photographers can buy a ringflash for their generator systems. Original only a couple of options existed, but these have grow over recent years following the rise in popularity of the ring flash.

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