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Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash – Canon fit

Dorr DAF-14 ringflashThe Dorr DAF-14 Ringflash is ideal for illumination of subjects in the near-and macro range and works in auto exposure using the E-TTL II or iTTL control
It’s suitable for digital and film SLR cameras from Canon using the TTL, ETTL, available ETTL II modes.

Features include:

  • Guide number 14 (ISO100/50mm)
  • Fully automatic TTL flash control
  • Automatic TTL workspace 0.9-7m (f/2, 0)
  • Auto Exposure Confirmation
  • 1/700sec Flash Duration (at full power)
  • Color temperature 5600K
  • Connection to the lens filter thread 52mm (Includes adapter rings for 55, 58 and 67mm)
  • Power supply 4 x AA batteries or NiCd / NiMH batteries

You can buy the Dorr DAF-14 Ringflash here: Dörr DAF-14 Ringflash Canon

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